GovWare 2019

Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) is the region’s most established cybersecurity event. Held from 1-3 Oct 2019, we took part in two key events at SICW - GovernmentWare (GovWare) Conference and Exhibition & the International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC).

GovWare, in its 28th showing this year, showcased the latest trends, innovations and solutions in cybersecurity. At our booth, we engaged visitors with exhibits such as SOC x gamification, Hack-A-Bear-Challenge, Rent-A-Malware at the Black Workspace and also Tech Share. Aside from our exhibits, two of our top opinion leaders took centre stage to network, discuss and collaborate on cybersecurity topics, engaging with like-minded individuals in the industry.

Our Deputy President in Cybersecurity, Mr Goh Eng Choon, took this opportunity to share his views on Active Defence and how organisations can better empower cyber defenders by shifting the paradigm of cybersecurity from a passive to proactive cyber defence. Mr Goh also spoke at the ICCC conference and shared our journey in Common Criteria Certification for our cybersecurity products and also raised an idea to the community to start a proactive initiative to bring forth a paradigm shift from Risk Management to Trust Validation.

Our President, Mr Ravinder Singh, also shared his views on the need for cyber visibility, situational awareness and critical alignment, urging organisations to rethink on their cyber readiness. Attendees gained insights on how an overhaul in mindset, attitudes and organisational culture is necessary.

To top off another successful year of participation at the SICW, we are honoured to be the only local company to bag Common Criteria Certifications for these cybersecurity products: Netcrypt Series, DiskCrypt M100 and Data Diode at the ICCC 2019.

View event photos below.



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